Here on the mountain the masks are stripped away and there is no place to hide.


Here on the mountain the masks are stripped away and there is no place to hide. Here there is an honesty—a raw connection we often miss in our busy lives …

AltitudeFor executive educators and friends, Barbara Baikie and Dolores Cummins, climbing the world’s highest free standing mountain, Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro, became more than a test of physical endurance: it challenged their ideals and expectations, forcing them to review their whole lives.

One made it to the very peak of Kilimanjaro’s dizzy dangerous ‘death zone’: one did not. In Altitude: Two women’s journey on Mount Kilimanjaro, Barbara and Dolores provide raw insight into their experience and mindset as they pushed their bodies and minds to the limit during their nine-day trek.

They draw parallels between their journey and challenges they have faced in their lives, including devastating loss and a debilitating health issue, little knowing that during the writing of this book, one would face another tragedy, drawing on her survival on the mountain to sustain her.

Part travelogue, part personal development workbook, readers do not have to scale giddy heights to bare their authentic selves and create a life of choice. In this book, journey with Barbara and Dolores and discover how to:

  • unmask and drop facades
  • step into the unknown
  • surrender to live fully
  • have the courage to be vulnerable
  • be present in all you do
  • push on despite adversity … and much more …
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